Distributor FAQ

What is a Distributor?

Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributors sell Diamond Dotz at Home® products for a commission! Diamond Dotz at Home® provides Distributors with everything they need to succeed. Tools, training, a personalized website and much more.

What does it mean to be a Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributor?

Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributors are independent business owners authorized to sell Diamond Dotz at Home® products for a commission. You have the freedom to control where and when you work. You can increase your commission by selling more products or by earning residual income from the sales of other people you've recruited to join your team!

Why do people join Diamond Dotz at Home®?

Most people join because they love the products and want a discount on their own purchases. They stay because they see the possibility of (greater) financial freedom, the ability to earn extra income and the flexibility to work when and where they want.

How do I join and start selling?

Click HERE to pick your plan and start selling. EASY!

How much does it cost to join Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributor Team?

You can become a Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributor for as low as $9.99!
Sapphire Plan $9.99 = Enrollment, personalized website, back office login, access to our custom catalogs, training and more!
Ruby Plan $29.99 = All the perks of the Sapphire Plan PLUS $50 Store Credit
Emerald Plan $49.99 = All the perks of the Sapphire Plan PLUS $100 Store Credit
*No Monthly Fees
*No Monthly Sales Goals to remain active

What does a Diamond Dotz at Home® Kit include?

Our kits include everything you and your customers need to complete the kit.
- The chosen image on a beautiful Silk Touch fabric panel.
- The Dotz® needed to complete the kit - and a few extras ;)
- Custom stylus Pens - Rainbow for Beginner kits - Silver for Intermediate kits - Gold for Advanced Kits
- Wax to help you pick up the Dotz® with your stylus
- Craft Tray for your Dotz® - If you shake the tray just slightly it will move all of your Dotz® upright, all ready to be picked up!
- Step by step instructions
*PLUS, All of our advanced kits include our beautiful 13 facet etched Collector Glass Crystal, a very nice desktop accessory!

What is the Diamond Dotz at Home® commission?

You get 25% commission on Sales!

What is PSV?

PSV is Personal Sales Volume. It is the total amount you sell in one month. This includes personal orders, party sales, and individual customer sales.

What is GSV?

GSV Is Group Sales Volume. This is the total amount your Group sells in one month.

Are there monthly sales requirements for Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributors?

There are NO monthly sales requirement!

Are there monthly fees associated with being a Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributor?

There are NO monthly fees!

Will someone train me?

Once you join, you will be sent a Launch Guide. This will direct you to all the training videos and content. The distributor who sponsored you up will help get you started. Our Customer service is always available through email and chat on Facebook and Instagram.
We also have a Private Facebook Group for Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributors only; we answer questions and share great content.

How much money can you make as a Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributor?

Your business is scalable to your lifestyle, you can work around another job or dedicated family time. You get paid based on what you sell. If you reach certain volumes, you get your regular commission PLUS bonuses!

Do Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributors get a discount on products?

Of course! You save 25% on your orders!

What if I have questions or need help?

We are here! We have training tools and videos in each distributor back office as well as email and phone support! We also have a Distributors only Facebook page where you can ask us OR other Distributors questions!

Host FAQ

What is a Host?

A Host is someone interested in Diamond Dotz at Home® who wants to enjoy a great party! A Host connects with a Distributor and hosts a party, the only requirement is that they provide the guest list and location.

How do I schedule a party?

Click HERE to contact our team and they will match you with your closest Distributor!

What are the benefits of hosting my own party?

As a Diamond Dotz at Home® Host you can earn host rewards based on the total sales in your party. It’s a great way to get Diamond Dotz at Home® products for half-price or free with earned product credits!

How long do my rewards last?

Your Host Rewards will be totaled at the close of the party. At this time your Distributor will inform you of the rewards you have earned and your order will be placed. Host Rewards orders must be placed at the close of the party.

What will the Distributor do at my party?

Diamond Dotz at Home® Distributors can provide, make and takes, catalogs, information about the quality of the products, example kits, on hand inventory and more. It is up to the distributor and host to mutually decide what is needed/wanted at the party.

How much do I need to sell at my party?

You’re not responsible for selling anything! To quality for Host Rewards the party total will need to be $250 or more. Your Distributor will make sure your party guests have all the information they need to buy the products they want.

How involved does a Host need to be?

Every Distributor is different. Some may require only a guest list and location while others might want your input on themes and snacks for the party! Connect with your Distributor to find out! Ultimately, you get to be as involved as you'd like.

What if I like Hosting so much, I want to be a Distributor?

That is amazing! Connect with your Distributor or Contact Us HERE and we can get you started!