Cozy Llama

Not only has our fluffy friend donned a snuggly warm winter coat but just to be sure to ward off the chill...a new scarf too! Did you know that the Llama is a symbol of strength, perseverance, confidence and success?

Fabric Size: 17.2" x 21.2"
Design Size: 14" x 18"

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Diamond Dotz at Home® showcases an amazing new pastime where stunning unique designs come to life through the application of beautiful diamond-like facets that produce a unique shimmering effect.

Kit contains:
  • One beautifully printed Silk Touch fabric panel
  • DIAMOND DOTZ® facets sorted by shade
  • 1 piece each of our craft tray, ergo stylus, wax craft caddy and complete pictorial step-by-step instructions.
All of our advanced kits include our beautiful 13 facet etched Collector Glass Crystal, a very nice desktop accessory or perfect to hold your protective dust cover while your project comes to life!


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